The key activities of FCC are presented below.

Open Farm
There is an open farm event every year during the first weekend in June, whereby the residents are invited to share in some activities that are happening in the farm. The favourite activities are usually the tractor and trailer rides, seeing the animals and the great food from the café as wells as the farm sausages. The purchase of trees has also become very popular with the trees being planted in the community woodland area at the farm.

African Farm Festival
The main reason of organising the African Farm Festival was to increase community cohesion and social integration between communities as well as bring people from different nationalities, cultures, faiths and world views to share common ground, food, activities and to celebrate their differences.

Edible Woodland
The woodland was conceived with the aim of re-engaging people with food production. It has turned a large field into future “Edible Woodland” with the planting of thousands of fruit trees. Woodland Trust has been in partnership with David Rose to plan his planting as well as plant trees in the farm. This will help to protect and nourish the soil at home farm as well as attract wildlife and pollinators to the crops. Edible Woodland offers opportunities for a financial benefit and a beautiful place not only for visit, but also to take ownership of the woodland via a lease scheme where people can interact with and care for the trees and use the crop themselves.

Visit the Farm
The farm is open to all residents to come and enjoy the activities that the Ecocentre offers such as nature walks, farm tours to meet the animals, bread making classes, Green Care activities (health benefits from working outside), Woodland School activities in our wood, Yoga classes, Pizza making using our outside oven, A health club with Dr Peter Mansfield, School visits, Educational workshops, Events, Corporate packages such as Clay pigeon shooting, A venue for meetings or social gatherings and a separate training kitchen for 16 students.

Eco Centre
Through reconnecting people with food and farming, the Ecocentre has a vision to promote healthy food and healthy futures. Our goal is to encourage health and wellbeing by educating young people around food and farming. Additionally, we provide a venue for business meetings, corporate packages, training & events in a farm setting. Similarly, the Ecocentre offers trailer rides, nature walks, farm tours as well as educational workshops for those who are willing to join.